No. 1 (Purpose):

The above conditions are created in order to determine all issues related to our company and users. Detailed information on terms of use is available on our official page.

No. 2 (Efficiency of conditions, etc.):

  1. Officially enter into force upon acceptance of the terms by the user. Also detailed information on terms of use is available on our official page.
    Our company may amend the terms of the agreement to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws.
    When editing conditions, our company is obliged to indicate the date and reason for editing. We also undertake to post on the official page information on amendments within 7 days \
    In accordance with paragraph 3, the conditions notified by the user are considered valid.

No. 3 (Terminology):

  1. User: the person served by the company after providing personal and legal information during registration.
    Registration: this is an act performed by providing personal or corporate information as part of a specific procedure provided by a company.
    Account deletion: an action that cancels the terms of use between the user and the company.
    Login: a combination of numbers and letters designed to recognize the user and use the services of the company.
    Password: this is a combination of numbers and letters designated by the user during registration corresponding to the login, to protect personal information
    User: a person using the services presented on the company’s website.

No. 4 (User Registration and Rights).

  1. After filling in the information and submitting an application in accordance with the form submitted by the company, the user is registered.
    Our company cannot accept the application for registration or block the user in the following cases:
    In case of registration in the name of another person that does not comply with this.
    If during registration false information is provided in the required fields.
    If the username is created with the intent of breaking the law.
    If registration takes place with the aim of harming the welfare of society or its cultural values.
    Threatening e-commerce practices, interfering with and using our company by others or stealing information.
    If membership in our company has been confiscated, user registration is deleted. In this case, the user will be pre-notified.

No. 5 (Ownership and use of personal information).

  1. Our company accepts and enforces a privacy policy, as well as enforces laws regarding the acquisition of personal information. Privacy policy is always placed at the bottom of the official page.
    Our company cannot use personal information provided by customers for purposes other than the services provided by the company.
    Our company cannot provide personal information about users to third parties without the prior consent of the client. However, the following cases are exceptions:
    In the case of a domain name search service.
    If requested by a government agency with relevant laws, such as the Telecommunications Act.
    In the event of a criminal investigation or at the request of the information security and communications committee.
    In the case of using resident information for business contact (name, address, phone number).
    In the case of the provision of information related to banking.
    If it is necessary to use information for compiling statistics, research activities, advertising materials or marketing research, if the user information does not disclose him as a specific person.

No. 6 (Payment and payment information).

  1. Refund.
    Under the contract, the user has the right to make a refund at any time.
    The procedure for the return of funds and payment is subject to the conditions below.

    a) Cancellation (refund) of payment: The user who wants to make a refund is obliged to notify the “Customer Service Center” of the reason for the cancellation (refund) and submit an application directly.

    b) Method of returning funds: After the company considers the reasons for the cancellation of payment, depending on the reason stated by the user, the company returns funds equal to the amount of payment to the user’s account number. We can also make a refund by paying cash to the client.

c) According to the clause on “Returning damage to consumers related to the use of Internet operations”, appointed by the Ministry of Finance and Economics, our company is forced to recover a fine (10% of the total cost) and PG payment, as well as payment for the transfer of funds.

No. 7 (Bonus Calculation Rules).

  1. Bonuses can be used to pay for company services, as well as cash. However, tax funds cannot be used instead of cash.
    Bonuses are accrued by paying for goods; bonuses can also be awarded for participation in special promotions.
    The accumulated points are valid for two years, and automatically disappear after the expiration of the term. Example: points accrued in July 2009 can be used until July 31, 2011 (from August 1, 2011 they are automatically canceled).
    In case of a proven unlawful accrual of points by the user, our company has the right to remove the participant’s savings and restrict membership in the company without prior notice.
    In the event of withdrawal or loss of membership in the company, all accumulated funds will be deleted automatically and cannot be transferred to others.

    Item No. 8 (Termination of Membership).

    The user has the right to terminate membership in the company at any time, and our company will immediately engage in the processing of the request.
    If the validity of the user’s service has not yet expired, the company cannot process the request to terminate membership in the company.

    No. 9 (User Notifications).

  1. In case of notification of participants, our company can use the email address that was specified by the user during registration.
    In case of notification of an indefinite group of persons, our company can replace the individual notification by placing it on our bulletin board.

    No. 10 (Obligations of our company).

  1. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, our company does everything possible to ensure constant and safe customer service.
    Our company does everything possible by taking administrative and technical support measures to ensure the security of the user’s personal information.
    Our company does everything possible to maintain order in the electronic trading field, through honest and reliable work and the provision of quality service, through continuous research and development, thereby contributing to the development of the Internet business and maximizing customer satisfaction.
    If our company believes that the client is experiencing inconvenience, we immediately proceed to resolve the problem. However, if our company has difficulty in quickly processing data, the client will be immediately notified of the reason and schedule of processing.
    Our company actively cooperates with the organization for the protection of the environment, and also carries out actions aimed at promoting the rights of consumers of state institutions.

No. 11 (Obligations of participants).

  1. Participants are responsible for administering the name and password in their personal account.
    Participants must not disclose their username and password to a third party.
    The participant must follow the agreement and the relevant laws.

No. 12 (Resolution of the conflict).

Issues not specified in this agreement are governed by the provisions of the law on electronic commerce, the law on the promotion of the use of information networks and the protection of information, as well as the relevant laws on the protection of consumer rights in electronic commerce.

No. 13 (Laws).

Judicial matters relating to the resolution of disputes regarding violations of the use of services should be referred to court.

This agreement was amended on March 10, 2015. These conditions come into force on March 8, 2016.

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